Baby Scans

Enhance Your Pregnancy & Book A Baby Scan in Sale

There are moments in life that take our breath away. Seeing your baby in a scan is a sentimental experience that you’ll never, ever forget. The Professional Clinic in Sale is pleased to support you personally. Our baby scans are delivered with an awareness of what this means to you, sensitively providing you with high-quality imagery and technical insight to enrich and evolve your pregnancy.

What Do We Offer?

Our clinic offers a range of private ultrasound scans, including growth scans, presentation scans, gender scans and 4D scans, and are conducted by fully qualified, medicals. Our range of baby scans offers expectant parents the opportunity to cherish and monitor the development of their little one with clarity and reassurance. From early pregnancy scans to detailed anatomy scans, we provide a comprehensive array of imaging services designed to offer insight and peace of mind at every stage of pregnancy. We’re committed to delivering high-quality, compassionate care to you and your growing family, discovering the joy of seeing your baby’s first glimpses in vivid detail with our dedicated baby scan services with you.

Why Us?

When you choose us for your baby scan, we feel proud. Being allowed to work with you on such an intimate moment is the part of what we do that we love, offering us the opportunity to partake in a process that’s full of raw emotion. We want you to feel this reciprocally. During your scan, we do everything we can to ensure you’re comfortable, offering a service that 


Our Experience, Qualifications & Accreditations

With experience working within midwifery for 21 years, we’re positioned to provide a service that goes above and beyond traditional formalities. We understand the way you’re feeling, aware that, at this point in time, joy comes first and foremost. We’re here to be with you, providing the opportunity to experience the sheer beauty of a moment you’ll never forget.

True Joy

We understand the profound importance of the journey into parenthood. There aren’t many places you can go to where you’ll find support delivered with the type of sensitivity we provide. We truly care, wanting you to feel supported and held up by our service. Our commitment lies in dedicating time to focus on your needs attentively. With accredited customer care as our cornerstone, we prioritise your preferences to ensure sensitivity to your personal well-being. Our highly trained professionals guide you through the process, ensuring comfort and safety at every step. 

Moments to Remember

Our anti-natal experience equips us with the ability to offer advice to you as you move through your pregnancy. Although we focus on baby scans, we also offer surrounding support to you as you embrace what this experience has to offer, providing structured and sensitive assistance that understands what you’re going through while emphasising the good within it, empowering you to feel in control and look forward to everything good that is to come.


Baby scans, anti-natal and post-natal care are our forte. Special moments deserve special care, and we work with sensitivity to provide support that treats you and your circumstances with elation. We also offer post-partum massage services, helping you to focus on you and feel reconnected with your body after birth, when the time is right.

Book A Private Baby Scan in Sale

With flexible options available, we make fitting a scan into your schedule easy. Secure an appointment at our clinic and ensure that, throughout your pregnancy, you’ll have the insight and focus you need to make it the uplifting experience that it is.